Out now on digital stores and streaming services, Kristoffer Elmqvist’s remix EP of prominent singles from Moist’s album Temporary Arrangements, long with the single Worlds Collide, is the result of an interesting co-operative venture through

Both Moist and Kristoffer Elmqvist were finalists in the recent Blend hosted remix competition of the Erasure single “Sacred”. “I’ve been a Blend-member for well over a year now”, says Moist (also known as David Elfström Lilja) and continues, “but the Erasure remix competition is what really got me hooked. Seing the projects that came out of that competition i’ll defenitelly look for potential Blend-remixers on future I/O Music releases.

I/O Music is an independent record label from Sweden founded by David in 2010 in his quest to give great electronic music a platform to be heard and to give people the opportunity to hear it.
“Our focus is on releasing electronic music spanning from ambient to techno, from experimental to downbeat among many other electronic genres”.

Kristoffer Elmqvist found Moist through the Sacred-competition and decided to just go for it.
“I was suprised of how well written the selected tracks were. Inspiration came natural and, even though alot of work has gone in to these remixes, I was pretty clear on how they were going to sound when I began reconstructing them. “Far Beyond The Endless” is my personal favourite. I’ve been imagining making a track like that for a long time, but just haven’t been able to, quite frankly.

They both agree on Blend being a very practical platform to collaborate on.
“I think Blend is a great place to create creative connections and it’s also an awesome place for beginners to get feedback and find great projects to play or to work with”, David says. The remix competitions are of course another big PLUS!