My remix of Almost Home by Moby feat. Damien Jurado just passed 100.000 plays on Soundcloud! This is so crazy and of course very fun. Not many comments left which is too bad but downloads and plays talk for themselves.


It’s been a real hard summer. I lost my cousin only 59 years old and a few weeks ago I lost my sister only 46 years old. My older brother (and best friend) was in the hospital for a couple of weeks too but are now home and fine again. Me (and my family) has gotten so much support in these hard times. Much appreciated! I cancelled my trip top London to attend Imogen Heaps release party for the Deluxe Box set of her new album Sparks but I got a copy sent home with this message inside.

I’ve tried to carry on working through it all but it’s been very hard but now things have started moving… I’ve just finished a remix (more info coming) that I hope will get released (at least on my soundcloud) within the near future and I’m also waiting for the releasedate of my Red Snapper remix that I did earlier this year. Got a few more on the table that I’m trying to finish right now.

On the positive side my music has been spreading a lot and the streams has been going up (mainly US and Asia) and also digital downloads has increased some on iTunes so I hope that I will get some money in the end to pay some of my bills that are piling up. Worlds Collide just passed 300.000 and Far Beyond The Endless 120.000 streams on Spotify and that’s a lot for me.

Life goes on… Work goes on… Music goes on…


One of my favorite swedish bands are Kent and I’ve always wanted to remix one of their songs but since I don’t expect them to call me anytime soon I tracked down the acapella of Vinternoll2 and made myself another bootleg… hope you enjoy.

Don’t forget to check out my other remixes.
This is NOT an official remix and I don’t have any copyright to the song.



Worlds Collide II out today on most digital stores.
Get WAV @ and MP3 @

Another version of the Worlds Collide single out including a new remix and the instrumental version of the song. I also included new remixes of Lament, Shine On and Me And You that hasn’t been release before. Hope you enjoy.

01) Worlds Collide (3:44)
02) Worlds Collide (PaleSkinnySwede Remix) (7:40)
03) Shine On (That’s Life Remix) (5:26)
04) Lament (Sappy’s Remix) (5:29)
05) Me And You (D.Signed Remix) (4:25)
06) Worlds Collide (Instrumental) (3:41)


This is my remix of the classic Depeche Mode song “Enjoy The Silence” using the sounds from the days of “Speak & Spell” & “A Broken Frame”… Moogs, Arps, Korg KR55 and the wonderful Korg MonoPoly!

This is NOT an official remix and you can find all my official remixes here.



Once again I had the honour to remix Red Snapper on a track from their upcomin album Hyena set to be released September 1st 2014. Heyena is an afrofunk psychedelic road trip, influenced by the music that they composed in 2013 for 70s cult Senegalese film Touki Bouki. Awesome stuff as always. Keep you ears open for my remix…



Forgot to post a link to the I Want Up EP by Plastic that includes my remix of it. It includes 8 more remixes and some of them are really good and some of them I wonder why they even released but we all have different taste. I guess they didn’t like my remix that much since it’s place at the end of the EP and you all know what that means! 😉

Listen @ Spotify


Working on the next single but I keep getting stuck all the time. Even tried changing DAW to work in another way but that just turned me annoyd that the software got in the way of my ideas and creativity. Days like these I’m thinking of giving up on Moist… but I’ll stay a while longer I guess.


Just a short note: Got some amazing feedback on Worlds Collide. Massive plays on both Spotify and Soundcloud. Thanks for the support!


Today the new single Worlds Collide was release worldwide!
So don’t forget to get your copy in your favorite digital format:





My hometown Söderhamn annually awards a Cultural Prize to a citizen who made significant contributions to the cultural life and Söderhamn. The prize is awarded by the Minister of Culture and Community Development Board and this year the award went to ME with the following statement:

“David Elfstrom Lilja is a producer, art director, musician and artist from Söderhamn. David began his career as a 5 year old when he began playing drums and has since devoted most of their music in the electronic music world. David Elfstrom Lilja is a great-grandson of Hälsinglands legendary fiddler Jon-Erik Hall and has also done a rendering of one of Hall’s pieces commissioned by Swedish Radio; program current in P2. There, he interprets Hälsingland on a talented and beautiful way with a strong sense of Hälsingland. David has collaborated for many years with international established artists and has, by his stage name Moist, nominated for the Hollywood Music In Media Awards the past three years.”


Just finished my remix of I Want U by the polish band Plastic and now on the next one.



Last month of the year and the month of the new release. I listened to Worlds Collide today and I thought it wasn’t any good and asked myself why I was going to release it!? Other days I think it’s the best Moist song yet…


Moist - Worlds Collide

Moist – Worlds Collide out 17/12

Three weeks until my new single hits the internet and my thoughts on singles vs album has begun as always. Is “the album” a correct format for music in the digital area?

For me an album is not just a bunch of songs put together from an artist/band but it’s should also be a visual experience with the cover, booklet, information, lyrics etc. To get a 250x250pixel picture of the album doesn’t make up for that and even if you can make a digital-booklet in pdf for itunes (like I did on my first album) not many artist do. Why? Strange.

I’ve found many great albums just by seeing the cover and got hooked. Hard to believe, but it was quite common to come across an album cover that was so cool that you’d buy it without knowing a thing about the artist. Sometimes… or probably most of the times it would be a total loser.

Credits! I loved reading who played, produced, got the coffee etc on the album. Sometimes you had albums with the same producer so you tried an unheard band due to that they had the same producer and you found a bunch of great new bands. Today it’s pretty hard to know even what the names of band members are. Yeah, you can always google it but it’s not that easy as you think.

To say the least, the visuals and information along with the music made buying an album a total experience that today’s album doesn’t come close to.

Records stores! Loved going to record stores talking with the people about new and old music and get tips etc. The people that worked the record stores always knew what was hot, what was not and what was overhyped. What do you get today? An ugly banner that just are annoying! The record store was the place to not only buy music, but to spend hours browsing. Checking cover arts and liner notes.

So, is the album a correct format today? Or maybe an artist should release songs every other months all the time?

I don’t know and I will probably go the old way and release “and album” next year…


New single called Worlds Collide will be released 17th december including three remixes. No video this time but we’ve managed to make a “lyrics video” so you have something to read anyway. While talking about music videos Bob Dylan released a new video yesterday that you HAVE TO check out! Amazing! Don’t miss Chumlee on one of the channels!
Today I’ve been working on what’s probably gonna be the next single called Traces. Hasn’t been a productive day making music but a very productive way in other ways.


Happy to announce that for the third year in a row Moist i nominated for the Hollywood Music in Media Awards? in the category Electronic. This time is for the upcomin’ single Worlds Collide with, once again, Maria Marcus on vocals.

This years awardshow will be held Thursday November 21 at the The Fonda Theater in Hollywood, CA.



Once or twice a year I always get a cold and my right ear gets f*cked up for 1-2 months. My hearing on the right ear are almost gone and it makes it almost impossible to work in the studio. Now my hearing is back and things are starting to move. The new single Worlds Collide will be released in November and I’ve just got a couple new remix assignments thrown my way. Great fun!

Not sure everybody knows that when I’m not working in the studio I do work as an Art Director too. You can check out some of the stuff I’ve done on my other (only Swedish) website at


Me And You was remixed by Givi Sheroziya (aka D.Sign) from Moscow, Russia! I love the remix and that’s why I decided to release it as a free download. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


Back in my early teens one of my favorite bands were a Swedish band called Ratata. They released their first album in 1982. The best track (according to me) was a track called Ögon av is. (Listen on Spotify). 31 years later and here’s my remix of the track, and yes it’s the original vocals from 1982…

Additional production & remix by Moist (David Elfström Lilja)
Mastered by Erik Holmberg @ The Toolshed
More remixes by Moist, contact for remix requests

More info: Ratata / Mauro Scocco / Johan Ekelund:

Twitter Mauro:
Twitter Johan:


First single of the new album is set to be released within a couple of months. The song is called Worlds Collide and will come with three remixes from Jon Kennedy, Dicky Continental and our favorite That’s Life. The song is a bit more “uptempo” than the songs on Temporary Arrangements but it’s still Moist.