The remixes listed below are all official remixes, commissioned by the respective artist, management, or record company. While some have been released, others have not. I’m proud of all of them, but particularly of my work with Pet Shop Boys, Red Snapper, Dilba, and Moby.

In addition, I’ve created a variety of bootleg remixes for artists like Depeche Mode, Visage, and Kent. Some of these bootlegs, as well as a few of the official remixes, can be downloaded for free at

// 2024 //

Das Elite
Do You Love Me (Moist Remix)

Nordens Lejon
Andetag (Moist Remix)

// 2023 //
// 2022 //

Das Elite
Torment (Moist Remix)

– The Bad Ones (Moist Remix)

// 2021 //
// 2020 //

Cosmic Crisis
When I Was Famous (Moist Remix)

Stugan & Not Lars feat. Last Dancer
A Stranger In Moscow (Moist Remix)

Johannes Kotschy
Something Awful (Moist Remix)

// 2019 //

We The North (feat Vita Arkivet)
– Vi (Moist Remix)

I Remember U (Moist Remix)

// 2016-18 //

I took a timeout from music and focues on my life, family and health…
…and then focused on finishing and releasing my second album.

// 2015 //

Dansar Runt På Måfå (Moist Remix)

Later On (Moist Remix)

Mikael Vasara
Hos Nån Annan (Moist Remix)

Empress Touch
– Precious (Moist Retro Remix)

Thomas Di Leva
– Ord Och Inga Visor (Moist Remix)

Rich Thair
Yes It Is (Moist Remix)

Tomas Andersson Wij (Feat. Ane Brun)
Romantiken (Moist Remix)

– Sacred (Moist’s 8 Bit Chip Remix)

The Beloved
– For Your Love (Moist 2015 Remix)

// 2014 //

Red Snapper
Walking Man (Moist’s Stumbling Remix)

Imogen Heap
Run-Time (Moist Remix)

Ace Wilder
– Heart For Rent (Moist Remix)

Almost Home (Moist’s Almost Asleep Remix)

I Want U (Moist Remix)

// 2013 //

Pet Shop Boys
Vocal (Moist Remix)

Ögon Av Is (Moist – Allt Och Ingenting Remix)

Sophie Rimheden
Grannens Gräs (Moist Remix)

Allison Chanic
– White (Moist Remix)

Krister Linder
– Gone (Moist Remix)

// 2012 //

I Lose Myself (Moist Remix)

Butterfly Boucher
5678! (Moist Remix)

Tomas Andersson Wij
Sturm Und Drang (Moist Geniezeit Mix)

– Ögon Av Is (Moist Remix)

Audio Objekt
Skåne Runt (Moist Rollator Remix)

Sophie Rimheden & Håkan Lidbo
Dancing With Tears In My Eyes (Moist Remix)

// 2011 //

Red Snapper
Architectronic (Moist Remix)

Lisa Pedersen
– Lightblue ’83 (The Void Remix)

// 2010 //

– Crazy Burn (Moist Remix)

Kevin Lehnberg
– Ready For Love (The Void Remix)

// 2009 //

Magnus Carlson
This Is Disco (Moist Club Remix)

Sandra Dahlberg
– Ta På Mig (Moist Club Remix)

– Burning (The Void Remix)

– Release Me (The Void Remix)

On And On (The Void Remix)

// 2007 //

Sofia Talvik – Wish (Moist 333 Remix)

// 2006 //

Sophie Rimheden & Annika Holmberg
– My Madness (Full Of Moist Remix)

Enough (Moist Remix)

// 2005 //

Mauro Scocco
Kall Stjärna (Moist Remix)

Lena Philipson
– Jag Ångrar Ingenting (Moist Remix)

// 2004 //

Lustans Lakejer
– Rid I Natt (TR Takano Remix)

// 2003 //

The Knife
– Heartbeats (Hardbeats Remix) [3]

Mauro Scocco
– La Dolce Vita (Funcadelic Remix) [2]

// 2002 //

Space Age Baby Jane
– No One Here Gets Out Alive (Yoko Homo Extended Club Remix)
– No One Here Gets Out Alive (Kling Und Klang Remix) [2]

Cotton Ferox
Phantasmoplasm Feat. Krister Linder (Ultrasound Remix) [2]

– I Need Somebody (Compile Electroclash Remix) [2]

– Thinking Of You (Dz Vs Embryo Club Mix) [1]

// 2001 //

– Come Along (Statement Remix) [2]
– 1989 (Compile Mellow Mix) [2]
– 1989 (Compile Ruff Mix) [2]
– 1989 (Dz Vs Embryo Disco Mix) [1]

// 2000 //

– Start Rockin’ (Dz Vs Embryo Beat Mix) [1]
– Start Rockin’ (Dz Vs Embryo Minimal Mix) [1]

[1] made with Klas Wahl – [2] made with Ola Clarström – [3] made with Peter Blomkvist