Welcome to my bedroom and my little “Studio Svefnherbergi” where I work…and sleep…

(updated: 2024-01-02)
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Dirty Electronics - The Mute Synth 1

TC Electronic Clarity M Stereo

Softube Console 1 Channel Mk II

ART Voice Channel

Arturia AudioFuse 16Rig

EVE Audio SC0370


Samsung 49" Curved Monitor 120Hz - C49RG90SSU

LUMI Keys Studio Edition

Maschine Micro MK3

Alesis Samplepad 4

Ensoniq EPS-16+

Lametric TIME

Casio VL-1

Komplete Kontrol S49 MK2

Eurorack stuff...

Bontempi Memoplay 26


KORG D3200 32-Track Digital Recording Studio

Fostex R8 Reel to Reel 8-Track Tape Machine with MIDI Interface

SoftubeConsole 1 Fader Mk I

EVE Audio SC0370