A lot of people that makes music talk about hardware vs software and analog vs digital. People say that you can hear the different between hardware and software and of course analog and digital. I couldn’t care less cause if a sound fits my song then it fits my song even if it’s hardware, software, digital, analog or even if the sound is made by a car crashing into a train.

PLEASE! Listen to these two tracks and let me know in the comment what instruments/sounds are from soft or hardware synths and if hardware is it analog or digital?

Crows Within Me

Hold On


I was asked to remixed Pet Shop Boys new single Vocal. I’ve just uploaded it on soundcloud. Hope you enjoy. Feedback much appreciated!

DOWNLOAD Moist Extended Remix: WAV | MP3
DOWNLOAD Moist Remix: WAV | MP3
Remixed and produced by Moist (David Elfström Lilja)


Found this “bootleg remix” of Far Beyond The Endless a while ago. Love it!


Pet-Shop-Boys-Electric-2013-1200x1200-1081009_250x250Yesterday I received my promo of Pet Shop Boys new album Electric. (Watermarked so don’t ask).

After the first listen I was blown away what have become of PSB since they left Parlaphone. I loved the album and almost every song was so good it would stand on it’s own. Amazing.

Now after a good nights sleep (well almost no sleep) I listen again in the studio and I must say that I was mistaken cause it’s even better now. Damn! I have now listened to the whole album 3-4 times and it’s the best album I’ve heard in ages (not only PSB but overall). Summer is saved! PSB is back!


The worst part of doing remixes is that the remix might get rejected by some reason. They might think it’s crap or not suited for the release or sometimes even “better” than the original. If that happens they might release the remix as a “single remix” and keep the original for the album. If the remix is used (released, promo etc) you get paid and if it doesn’t you usually doesn’t get paid but of course it all depends on the agreement. I’ve been doing remixes for nearly 13 years but it’s only last 4 years I’ve been doing it professionally. I’ve gotten paid for most of the jobs.

On to the next one and write some new Moist & Numb stuff.

Talking about Numb, I just released a new track…


I’ve been thinking a lot about my album and what was right and what was wrong. I’ve realized that I should have “killed my darlings” and used 10-11 songs instead of 17. It’s too long for people to listen to… or?

Also I think it might have been wrong to start the album with Crows Within Me since it’s a bit too mellow and even if I love the piano in the beginning it doesn’t portray the album right. Also a big mistake with that track is that it takes almost 2 minutes before the first chorus and that’s a bit long for a first time listener.

I’ve learned a lot for the next album…



I’ve been working on new songs since the release of Temporary Arrangements last year and I think it will take some time before the next album will be finished and released. Mostly due to my focus right now is getting more remix assignments to build my name in the remix scene. Not just to earn my living but also because I really love doing remixes!

So what shall I do with the finished songs? I really want you to hear them since I think they are better than all songs on Temporary Arrangements. Should I wait and keep them to the next album or release an EP with the songs and a bunch of remixes? I’ve already got 5-6 great remixes waiting on my hard drive. Well… time will tell.

Photo 2012-08-06 10 08 59


I’ve made a new web site and merged my old and into one place. Hope you’ll enjoy it an please gimme comments and feedback on my posts/news.


Tomorrow morning I will fly down to Frankfurt to attend MusikMesse.
The Musikmesse is the world’s leading music fair. Every product out there and a many workshops, concerts, demonstrations and discussion events. Gonna be an interesting three days and I guess I will come home and wanna buy a bunch of new instruments to the studio… but I have to sell some stuff to get more space.


Sophie Rimheden released The Haj Remixed Album today and Moist has remixed one of the tracks included on the album.


While I’m writing new stuff for the next Moist album I also spend some time on my other ambient music project called Numb. New Numb album on the way too. Just released a new video and a new track. Don’t forget to check it out at Numb.


In the studio writing the next album. Things is going forward even if it’s slow. Hope to get some longer updates soon. Wish me luck.



As you might now I released a cover of one of my favorite Ultravox song “Lament”. Release due to the lyrics fitting my last two years of chaos and hard times.
More info in here.

Anyway, I got a respone from Midge Ure (singer in Ultravox) on my version: Well done. Nice to hear a different take on a song. Might be a “standard” answer to all that make a cover of the tracks but I see it as a great respons and made me very happy. Anyway, here’s the original track with the video. LOVE this track and lyrics:

    And just as my eyes start seeing, after all the pain
    The twist in my life starts healing, just to twist again
    In stillness, in sorrow returns that softly sighing lament

    And just as the smile’s returning, after all the pain
    The fire inside stops burning, just to burn again
    In moments of madness, returns that softly sighing lament


2013 started out with a bunch of remixes and it’s a great way to get stuff going in the studio. I’ve found inspiration again and the work in the studio is going really well.
I’ve just finished two remixes, Krister Linder – Gone and  Sophie Rimheden – Grannens Gräs. Working on another one but I’ll post more info about it later.

As always I love to get new stuff in the studio to tweak some new sounds out of and get some inspiration from… these are my latest additions to my hardware park:

Arturia MiniBrute

I’ve always used both they’re control hardware and software synths from Arturia and they make a bunch of amazing stuff but this time they’ve overdone them self! A small analog masterpiece with no digital memory so you need to store your sounds on overlays! Just like my first synth I ever bought The Roland SH-101.

More info:

Photo 2013-01-14 18 17 50

Dave Smith Instruments – Mono Evolver & Mopho x4

Dave Smith was the father of the Prophet 5 and today a bunch of years making software he went to hardware and they are really great. I hope one day to own a Prophet 08 too but for now I’ll settle with these two masterpieces.

More info:

Photo 2012-11-23 17 00 52


Awesome stuff! My remix of Butterfly Boucher 5678! made the list of Popservations Top 25 remixes of 2012!
Swedish DJ Moist remixed Butterfly Boucher’s single, “5678!” and the resulting electro-disco groove is one I could not ignore, no matter how much the “M” word gives me the total creeps.



So 2012 is soon over and this year has been a busy year with the release of the album (and remix album) a couple of singles and a bunch of remixes. Got a lot of great feedback from around the world and got more or less crushed by a rock critic in Sweden…. I guess I didn’t sound so much Bruce Springsteen as he had wanted.

The plan for 2013 is to have a single (or two) out before the summer and the album out end of the year. Hope I’ll get time and stay healthy to get it done.

Well this is my last post for 2012 and I wish everybody a Happy New Year 2013!

/david (aka Moist)



Ström i P2 aired yesterday and for all you who understand Swedish you can listen to the program on The last ten minutes includes my track and me talking about my music and my dear Hälsingland.

Free download:


On Wednesday 21:31 I’ll be featured on a program called “Ström i P2” on Swedish Radio P2. I got the honor to make a track for the “province” I live in named Hälsingland. It was a bit harder than I expected. I finally decided to work from a composition my great grandfather Jon-Erik Hall (1877-1948) wrote called “Vårkväll”.

The track sounds a bit weird but much fun to do and a very different way for me to work. Doesn’t sound so much “Moist”… an instrumental track with a bunch of violin samples. I’ll upload on soundcloud after the show…

Jon-Erik Hall

Jon-Erik Hall


Got some real trouble in the studio. The computer has started to remove licenses and programs so I can’t work at the moment and I have a couple of remixes and a track that I have to finish asap. So today I think I have to spend the whole day reinstall the OS and a bunch of gigs of softsynths and sound. Not the way I was hoping to spend the day.

I also checked all my press photos and I need to shot some new ones!
This below is my all time favorite one, taken by one of my best friends Dan Wahlbeck!


Things That Make You Go Hmmm

    Moog Music announced the release of the limited edition 10th Anniversary Minimoog Voyager. Moog created this 24 Karat gold Voyager with the finest materials, as a testament to American craftsmanship.

At the same time they have a competition were the picture with the most votes wins a Moog Minitaur Analog Bass Synthesizer. And I would love to have it!


So I would love it if you could vote for my picture. This is how you do it:
Go to and click on “VOTE”. Look for my picture (see below), should be in the 1->6 pages and then click VOTE below it!. Thanks!