Hi! My name is David Elfström Lilja, but I go by the alias “Moist” (among others) when I make music and remixes. I LOVE doing remixes. This is a small showcase of what I do, not the typical kind where it’s basically an entirely different club track with just a slight hint of the original – I aim to stay true to the essence of the original song so listeners can relate to it.

The remixes listed below are just a selection of all my remixes. They are all official ones, commissioned by the respective artist, management, or record company. While some have been released, others have not. I’m proud of all of them. Since I love remixes I’ve done a bunch of “bootleg remixes” too, I’ve added some of them in the bottom.

If you’re interested, I’m open to make a spec remix. There’s no risk for you. I DO NOT spread stems to other people. Having worked in the music business for 30 years, I’m a professional and understand the do’s and don’ts.

Just a small selection

Some bootlegs too…