Turn the lights off so I can breath
I just don’t want you to see me now
A silver lining within my dreams
Said I was almost good as gold

We’re painting pictures of those who live
The colors dry and change to gray
By far the distant, a different view
Like watching Rover from a hill

Tear the bricks down and walk on by
I just don’t want you to see my wall
A disconnection to understand
That I was never your Berlin


xx: Under My Skin
xx: Hearts Burn Slow
xx: Lament (Ultravox Cover)
xx: Drive (The Cars Cover)
xx: I Wanna Know What Love Is (Foreigner Cover)


01: Saga (Instrumental)
02: Traces
03: Stars
04: Firefly
05: Words
06: Berlin
07: Cold
08: Worlds Collide
09: She
10: No One Knows